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Our Story

Thanks for wanting to know more about us. Our story began with the love affair for the African continent. Our passion is to shift the minds and thoughts on how the world view Africa through nostalgic, luxurious, extra romantic fashion. Owner, Carmen DeCharisse, felt it was apart of her duty to shine light on the continent by showing the diaspora that luxury fashion isn’t only available in the western world, through the lens of our limited ready-to-wear collection. DeCarmenAfrik offers limited collections ranging from party dresses, evening gowns, and casual dresses. With all pieces being produced on the African continent by women seamstress. 
As a brand, we’re creating a sustainable and ethical environment. We do this by sourcing sustainable fabrics in a ethical way solely on the African continent. DeCarmenAfrik is a low waste company, producing small inventories to make sure we stand by our sustainability mission. Not only are we rewriting a narrative but we are providing you with quality garments that you can wear again and again.
We believe in celebrating and empowering women through femininity fashion. Our goal is to build a safe community to make each woman feel beautiful when you wear our clothing. We want each woman to feel beautiful by providing you with the best quality fabrics on the market. Every garment we produce has a story behind it. We are giving you the luxe staples your closet deserves. We want to bring you lifestyle. We want to bring you luxury. We want to bring you a community that will help your days by creating luxe pieces you actually want to put on, cherish, and pass on!